Trump has made a milestone that will be tough one even for future presidents

trump d.png

There are many president who made their marks in the american history with a strong hand as far ,as the history is concerned no other president other than Mr.Obama who seriously damaged his image as a president figure by simply talking nonsense about his successor Mr.President DONALD J TRUMP

He should have noticed of whom he is talking about.On september while speaking to the University of illinois at the urbana champaign he almost struggled to take out the president’s name and he just said sometimes by name and some times by inference

Later when asked to Mr.trump about obama’s speech during his fundraiser in Fargo he just dismissed it and gave a sarcastic reply that I watched but I fell asleep and added that Mr.Obama speeches are good for sleeping
Recent information is that our President has done a remarkable thing in the american history where no president has achieved it so far



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